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There are a thousand different theories about what the most important thing is for a DAO, for DeFi, and for web3 projects in general. These theories all talk about different methodologies, perspectives, and approaches to different challenges. However, they all have one thing in common — people. There is no way of creating a successful and meaningful web3 organization without quality contributions and quality contributors. Yet there is one question…

How to find them?

Once upon a time…

Like every good story, this journey begins with a quest — The quest to find quality contributions for the Kleomedes Enterprise.

While coming from civil engineering and organizational management backgrounds, one of Kleomedes’ core team members — mOdeToken — faced a bit of an unexpected issue while trying to realize himself in the web3 world. There simply was no space for him, even with the web3 ecosystem shouting out from the mountaintops to recruit new contributors. It is, however, not easy to start contributing if you don’t have a developer background.

At this stage of growth in the ecosystem, every project is trying to build the infrastructure that will be part of our everyday life in the future. For this purpose, a vast amount of developing power is needed — and that is understandable! Some projects, however, have already started to scale — some silently — and those projects are looking for contributions that are outside of the territory of development.

Kleomedes is one of those projects.

As soon as mOdeToken found Kleomedes, he realized that there are so many things that have to be done to make web3 accessible to everyone around the globe. That started him down the path of thinking about how to create a system that is welcoming and inviting for contributors to join, learn, improve, and grow.

This is the beginning of Kleomedes’ Zealy questboard story.

What is ICE?

ICE — or Inter-Community Engagement — is a methodology created by Kleomedes to find, educate, and guide future contributors to become mentors and leaders of various projects across the entire Ecosystem.

ICE is the methodology used in the Zealy questboards created by Kleomedes Contributors. So far, there are two questboards with more in the pipeline:

Community of Web3

Kleomedes questboards are designed to fulfill one simple goal: educate future contributors.

We want to show people how they can become contributors not only on a specific chain, but to the entire ecosystem. While questboards themselves are dedicated to very specific chains — for example, Kleomedes questboard supports Kleomedes DAO & Kleomedes/Migaloo questboard supports Migaloo chain and White Whale Protocol — there is one standard that connects them all with each other and makes participation in the ecosystem global. You guessed it! We are talking about ICE. It helps people become interconnected between many different chains and learn more about the ecosystem.

This is how Kleomedes is building a contribution hub — a place where everyone can contribute in different ways. There is only one thing that a future contributor has to bring: motivation. The questboards are not designed simply to inspire, they are designed to educate. This is the main reason why the activity may seem quite low in the beginning compared to some engagement programs. What Kleomedes questboards are actually doing is filtering out the most motivated, trustworthy, and talented people who simply don’t know how to become contributors to the ecosystem — or, while being contributors for one chain, want to try contributing to other chains as well.

All the questboards are built so that anyone who starts participating is faced with very simple tasks at first, like following the most important individuals in the ecosystem or reading the most important documentation. The goal is to get a brief understanding of every chain and how it fits into the entire ecosystem as such.

Going further, quests become more and more difficult — challenging the new contributors to put in as much effort as possible and to get the best possible results.

The very last step of every questboard is becoming a verified contributor. For example: Kleomedes DAO has Contributor roles like Rhapsodoi, Architektones, and Vouleutes. When a person reaches this threshold, the Zealy experience ends and the contributor starts to work on more individualized and goal-oriented tasks that are managed on other platforms — like WonderVerse.

So, as you can see, the fundamental goal of all the questboards is education. Kleomedes is seeking to teach people how to contribute and how to create benefits for all Cosmos Ecosystem.

How does ICE work?

As already mentioned before, ICE is a methodology to connect all the questboards into one living organism. There is the main questboard — that is Kleomedes DAO questboard in this case. There will also be one questboard for each chain that Kleomedes is validating.

When a new contributor comes, they can start with any of the questboards and eventually become a Contributor on any of the chains or with Kleomedes itself.

After that, or in parallel, the individual will get directed to other questboards through various games, events, quests, etc. The individual will be included in the activities of many different chains and eventually will become familiar with everything that is going on in the Ecosystem.

All of the side-questboards will have a link to the main Kleomedes DAO questboard. While doing quests on other questboards you can also get XP on the main questboard! This is because Kleomedes DAO plans to form and build sub-councils that are dedicated to every chain they validate. Kleomedes is looking for people who can contribute to both — the validator and the chain. Such people can become sub-council members on Kleomedes DAO and earn rewards for doing important tasks related to the specific chain!

A significant strength of ICE is that, while it is primarily being built for the Cosmos Ecosystem at this time, Kleomedes validator and also ICE are not limited to just the Cosmos. That means if Kleomedes begins to validate chains outside the Cosmos Ecosystem, ICE will scale to those chains as well! So the people contributing to Kleomedes DAO and participating in the Zealy experience can also go outside Cosmos Ecosystem and learn about chains outside it, even if they are not personally invested in those chains.

With ICE, Kleomedes is creating a new phenomenon in the Web3 world — a way to participate, not only in a specific chain, nor just in a specific ecosystem, but across the entirety of the ever expanding world of web3.

What is in it for Me?

This question is relevant not only for the individuals who participate in the quests, but also for the chains who are willing to collaborate with Kleomedes.

If you are new to web3, a specific ecosystem, or the world of decentralized contributions:

  • You get experience and you get knowledge. You get all the luggage you need to start your journey as a contributor. Simply choose where to start (we always recommend starting with our main questboard which can be found here.
  • You get mentors that are willing to help you. We are all here because of one goal — we want to build a better future for our world. If you are thinking the same, we are happy to teach you how to do that!
  • You meet new like-minded people. We think nothing inspires more than the people who are thriving on the same things as you.
  • Events, games, and prizes — we are regularly launching different events where you can participate and earn some nice rewards, like NFTs, badges, or even some tokens
  • Rewards! If you came here to become a contributor, we are ready to help you to become one. And once you become a contributor — we are here to reward your contributions.

If you already are a Contributor for a chain/ecosystem:

  • Try yourself in new environments! Become a contributor to other chains, get new experience and knowledge, and get more rewards from more chains.
  • Become a sub-council member of Kleomedes DAO. We are looking for people who know specific chains already. We want those people to become our contributors too and eventually become our sub-council members who are working as a bridge between Kleomedes and the chain.
  • Become a mentor: teach others, lead them to become as good as you are, and show them the way. The bigger community there is the better!
  • Participate in fun inter-community attractions, find new friends, find new discussions, and participate in new events.

If you are a Chain:

  • Grow your contributors. This is the main thing you are getting — dedicated, talented, trustworthy Contributors.
  • Off-chain connections with other chains. While IBC is the protocol that physically connects the chains, ICE is the protocol that sociologically connects them. Become inter-community engaged and find new people who are ready to contribute to you.
  • More eyes on your chain. People who are willing to contribute are always looking for new possibilities. They are going to check what you do and how you do it. This is your chance to grow your community!
  • You are saving time — we are educating and engaging contributors for you. What you get is the end product: amazing contributions!

If you are Kleomedes 🙂 But really, what is it in for us?:

  • Awareness and Visibility — we are a validator. We need people to see us, and this is one of the best ways to do it. We are creating a network of dedicated enthousiasts, which is exactly what a validator needs.
  • Connections with the chains — we want to collaborate! We want to be good partners, and having people who are dedicated to every chain is a good way to achieve that. By creating sub-councils, we are growing intimately closer to the chains that we validate.
  • Easier way to get outside the Cosmos Ecosystem — with a product like ICE we can reach other ecosystems more easily. By doing that, we are bringing benefits to the Cosmos Ecosystem as we are also bringing people from the outside of the Ecosystem in, and vice versa. We are making web3 inter-community engaged!


Kleomedes DAO is inviting you to try our ICE experience on the Zealy platform. It is engaging, it is fun, and it is rewarding!

This is your way to become a contributor to the Cosmos Ecosystem and beyond!

Start here: