Contributions are the key. With this mindset we are stating that people are the asset for every project and we encourage people to participate.


Collaborate instead of compete. This is our perspective when looking into things we build. Web3 needs more collaboration and less distraction.


Uniqueness in every step. We are looking at things differently. We are challenging the status quo. We want you to be you no matter what you do!



Business Development

We’ll identify optimal partners and collaborations for your project, ensuring you stay ahead with the latest trends, driven by our belief in the power of collaboration.


Inter-Community Engagement is an innovative solution, designed to foster growth and prosperity within communities through meaningful contributions.

Community Growth

We’ll assist in crafting and implementing a community management plan to ensure your community’s growth is both consistent and effortless.

Business Strategy

We’ll analyze your project needs and guide you in crafting an optimal growth plan to elevate your business to the next level.

Engagement Modeling

We will help you to build the best possible user on-boarding experience by leveraging tools like Zealy, Galxe, and other innovative technologies.


Our coDAO Kleomedes develops a self-hosted PoS validator enterprise, delivering real yield to contributors through governance-controlled revenue sharing.


Projects We Have WORKED WITH


Web3 business consultancy to make your project grow

Team Work

Always ready to go an extra mile for You!


Quality over Quantity


All over the world

Who We Are

We are a Web3 consultancy company looking to help your project grow and prosper.

Our Vision

Collaboration instead of competition – we are here to build the Web3 and turn it into the Future of the Dreams.

Our Mission

To help projects find and educate contributors, find likeminded projects to grow together in quality ways.



I was simply left speechless in front of the professionalism and dedication of the Nearchos team. Their questboards have clear and simple objectives and encourage users to participate. Our community has greatly benefited from their work and will continue to do so in the future. Choose them with your eyes closed, and you will immediately realize that you have made the right choice.

Marco Rinaldi

Founder of Kleomedes

It can be a challenge trying to find ways to build and grow community around a new project. We all know how volatile markets can be and top priority is always keeping community sentiment balanced in a way that allows the project team to continue building. Nearchos took something that felt foreign and daunting to us (developing a robust Zealy campaign) and broke it into simple steps and tasks, while getting our community involved in the process. We’ve seen phenomenal engagement since we started with Nearchos and it’s been a great way to incentivize our community and allow new entrants to dip their toe into our ecosystem. Nearchos manages the whole process as a white-glove service that allows our project team to stay focused on building out our roadmap. Highly recommend working with these guys if you’re feeling overwhelmed but understand the power of having a tightknit community who feels seen and heard.

Jon Ray

Founder of NFTreasure

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